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A rightwing plot to shape Europe’s future 

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Breitbart Report 

Breitbart: A rightwing plot to 
shape Britain’s future 

By Nick Lowles 

WHEN FORMER UKIP leader Nigel Farage was snapped having dinner with President 
Trump and his family by a fellow diner in late February, it caused a flurry of interest 
from the British media. What was not reported, but of far more significance, was the 
meeting Farage had earlier that afternoon. 

Farage gatecrashed dinner with Donald Trump because he was in the area. In fact, 
he had just spent three hours at the White House with the President’s chief 
strategist, Steve Bannon. 

The pair had a lot to catch up on. They had a lot to discuss and plan. 

As this report shows, Bannon and Farage have got to know each other well over the 
last few years. 

UKIP had been identified by Bannon’s Breitbart operation several years ago. 

Bannon launched Breitbart London to help UKIP ahead of the 2015 General 
Election. Breitbart’s key funder Robert Mercer supplied Farage’s anti-EU campaign, 
Leave. EU, with the data tools that helped secure the Brexit vote and the UK’s 
departure from the European Union. 

In turn, Farage’s Brexit success provided Bannon, and his political master Donald 
Trump, with the inspirational story of the underdog defying the political establishment. 

This report shows that Breitbart is not a news website or a media outlet in any 
ordinary sense and its staff are not mainstream journalists. Breitbart is a political 
project, with a specific political agenda, staffed by willing propagandists. 

It distorts and fabricates news to deliberately incite anger in its supporters and fear in 
others. It pollutes the political space and demonises and vilifies its opponents. 

Breitbart is just one part - albeit a vital part - of a wider political project that set 
Britain on a path to leave the European Union and got Donald Trump elected to the 
most powerful job in the world. 

Unfinished business 

But even with Trump in the White House the project is not yet complete. Steve 
Bannon and Robert Mercer have far bigger plans which they will seek to execute 
over the next few years. Bannon will use his clearly strong influence over the 
President to carry out his aggressive nationalism and strong anti-Muslim views at 
home and abroad. Mercer will use his financial muscle and data analytics to sway 
elections and shift opinion. 

Breitbart intends to expand its operations into more countries in the hope of 
assisting more far right leaders gain power and laying the ground for what they 
consider is an inevitable conflict with Islam. 

And in Britain, this operation will be at the heart of a new political venture, likely to 
be launched in a matter of months, to create a new far right party and run by multi- 
millionaire Arron Banks and Nigel Farage. 

Based on the social movement model of Italy’s Five Star Movement but with the 
nationalist and populist politics of Trump, this new party will sweep aside UKIP 
and hope to capitalise on the uncertainty and compromise that will undoubtedly 
accompany Brexit. 

While Banks and Farage will lead this new party, it will be Breitbart that provides the 
engine power. 

It was this that Farage was discussing with Bannon at the White House. 


A short history of Breitbart 


Breitbart london word cloud 


Breitbart: Fake News and 

Far Right Politics 


Breitbart London: 

Not News, Not Innocent 


UKIP - Breitbart’s UK mission 


Breitbart London staff - 
Raheem Kassam 


Other Breitbart London staff 


A platform for extremists 


Below the Line: 

The Comment Section 


Unpacking Sweden 


Meeting the Breitbart threat 


This report was written by 
Nick Lowles 
Joe Mulhall 
David Lawrence 
Simon Murdoch 

HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 3 

Breitbart Report 

A short history of Breitbart 

Andrew Breitbart launched Breitbart to 
become “the Huffington Post of the right” 

Southern Poverty Law Centre report that 
Breitbart has “undergone a noticeable 
shift toward embracing ideas on the 
extremist fringe of the conservative 
right” and was using “racist,” “anti- 
Muslim” and “anti-immigrant ideas.” 

Breitbart becomes a cheerleader 
for Donald Trump’s Presidential 
bid, often attacking other right 
wing news outlets who are more 
sympathetic to Ted Cruz. 

Breitbart London plays a highly 
supportive role in the campaign 
to take the UK out of the 
European Union. 

After Trump’s election, 
Breitbart announced intention 
to set up German and 
French operations. 

Breitbart played a prominent 
role in the highly influential 
Conservative Political Action 
Committee (CPAC) conference, 
cementing its position in the US 
Conservative mainstream. 

Breitbart released explicit text 
messages the New York 
congressman and rising Democrat 
star Anthony D. Weiner had sent to 
women online forcing him to resign. 

Bannon recruits an additional 12 staff 
and opens offices in Texas and London. 
Raheem Kassam and James Delingpole 
appointed to run London operation. 

Raheem Kassam steps down 
as editor of London Breitbart 
to becomes Nigel Farage’s chief 
advisor and is credited with taking 
UKIP to the right. Kassam returns 
to Breitbart after Farage fails to get 
elected as an MP. 

Photos (top to bottom) Andrew Breitbart, Steve Bannon, 
Raheem Kassam, Donald Trump (photos: Gage Skidmore) 
and Nigel Farage (photo: Jennifer Jane Mills) 

An undercover investigation into ACORN 
led to the community empowerment 
organisation closing down. 


Breitbart dies. Steve Bannon 
becomes executive chair. 

Bannon becomes Trump’s 
Chief Strategist. 


Bannon describes Breitbart as the 
“platform of the alt-right”. 







ion steps down as CEO in August 
to head Trump’s Presidential bid. 








4 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 

Breitbart’s obsession with migrants, 
immigration and the threat from 
Muslims dominate the last 500 
articles that have appeared on 
Breitbart London. 

AntiTrump g w 

Wilders s 

f s Attacks 
” Chief 

Want^ h » 

Two IS i i 

« S=I 

»s » African 


Italian gg 



France Years NAT0 s 



inister Slams I II f) 

, ,ons Merkel” = « 

Injured B _ § = =■ 


n President 


. 7 1 ^Foreign = 

3 Tens “ Mia rati on: =■ 

I Asylum! SXmer 

State-* Ti a 

*1 Election Brexit 3 


World £ 5 
Talks a | 

M CD 0 



1 55' Greece 


HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 5 


Breitbart Report 

Breitbart: Fake News 
and Far Right Politics 

Steve Bannon speaking at the 2017 Conservative 
Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National 
Harbor, Maryland. Photo: Gage Skidmore 

6 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 

Breitbart is not a news website. Nor is it a media outlet, and its 
staff are not ordinary journalists. Breitbart is a political project, 
with a specific political agenda, staffed by willing propagandists. 

en years ago, Andrew Breitbart turned to his friend Larry 
Solov and asked for his help in creating a new media 
company that would ‘change the world’. It must have 
sounded like cocktail-fuelled hubris yet just a decade later, with 
former Breitbart executive chair Steve Bannon now assistant to 
the President and White House chief strategist with a place on 
the National Security Council, what seemed like a fantasy has 
become a dangerous reality. 

While ostensibly a right-wing news outlet like any other, Breitbart 
is in reality part of a transatlantic political movement with a 
common world view and coordinated objectives. It doesn’t report 
on events: it seeks to make them and (mis)shape them. 

Indeed, Breitbart manufactures falsehoods and peddles half- 
truths. Its unsubstantiated conclusions are drawn from its 
existing prejudices and published to advance its agenda; 

Breitbart is a click-hate echo chamber. 

Breitbart’s Mission 

Andrew Breitbart’s vision, even when it was just the 
two of us working out of a basement, was for Breitbart 
News to offer a voice to freedom-loving people 
everywhere and to tailor their news experience both 
locally and globally. 

This is Breitbart’s mission as described by co-owner Larry Solov 
for the announcement of the launch of Breitbart London. As a 
mission statement it is indeed a laudable one. Yet in reality its 
supposedly lofty ideals have sat in stark contrast to its often 
racist, xenophobic, sexist, transphobic and homophobic content. 

Breitbart targets those people and communities disenfranchised 
by globalisation and often ignored by the political mainstream. 

It makes political and economic profit from ramping up fear 
and mistrust and increasing societal division via its often 
wildly exaggerated, hyperbolic, inaccurate, prejudiced or even 
manufactured content. 

Broadly speaking its political aims are to undermine and destroy 
the liberal democratic progressive consensus - understood as 
left-wing cultural hegemony - and the societal norms which 
are derived from it. Key here is a rejection of multiculturalism, 
manifest as opposition to immigration and liberal refugee 

policies. More generally its content stands in opposition to 
supposedly left-wing concepts such as feminism, LGBT+ rights 
and minority rights more generally. 

When it comes to Breitbart’s ‘reporting’ related to Islam 
and Muslims it is utterly indistinguishable from the anti- 
Muslim ‘counter-jihad’ movement’s rhetoric or even that of 
the extreme far right. Take for example the article headlined 
‘Political Correctness Protects Muslim Rape Culture’ which, 
based on the unsubstantiated claim that there is indeed an 
‘epidemic’, then goes on to make clear that ‘the epidemic is 
a by-product of the influx into Europe of a million, mostly 
Muslim, migrants’ arguing that ‘It’s just not politically correct 
to talk openly about Islam’s rape culture’ and that ‘like honor 
killings, with massive Muslim immigration on the horizon, it 
could be coming to a town near you all too soon’. 

In stark contrast to the website’s regular downplaying of 
‘the radical feminist “rape culture” panic’ - despite research 
suggesting that 23% of female undergraduate students in the 
USA have reported experiencing sexual assault since enrolling in 
college - the portrayal of Muslims as not just culturally different 
but also a physical and sexual threat (a traditional tactic of the 
anti-immigrant far right) is commonplace on Breitbart and is 
explored in greater depth later in this report. 

It is important to note that Breitbart’s borderline obsession with 
Islam and Muslims is not mere prejudice and racism, though 
it is that, but actually the result of a specific worldview. To 
understand Breitbart’s political project, it is necessary to explore 
the striking parallels between Steve Bannon’s world view and 
Samuel Huntington’s ‘clash of civilisations’ theory, as it is from 
this that Bannon, and by extension Breitbart, has identified 
its friends and enemies abroad and its opposition to Muslim 
immigration and multiculturalism domestically. 

Speaking at a 2014 conference hosted by the Human Dignity 
Institute in the Vatican, Bannon outlined his now much 
commented upon worldview and his understanding of the 
Breitbart mission. He explained that Breitbart was expanding 
‘to let people understand the depths of this crisis, and it is a 
crisis both of capitalism but really of the underpinnings of the 
Judeo-Christian West in our beliefs.’ He talked of a ‘crisis both 
of our church, a crisis of our faith, a crisis of the West, a crisis 
of capitalism.’ 

HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 7 

Breitbart: Fake News and Far Right Politics (continued) 

However, in addition to believing the West is in crisis he also, like 
his allies in the anti-Muslim ‘counter-jihad’ movement and many 
of the populist and far-right parties of Europe, believes we are 
in the grip of a civilisational conflict between the West and the 
Muslim world. As he has put it, the West is ‘in the very beginning 
stages of a very brutal and bloody conflict’ with Islamic fascism. 

For Bannon, this civilisational war is a winner-take-all struggle 
tinged with more than a hint of apocalyptic analysis. This is best 
seen in the opening passage from a film script he wrote in 2007 
titled ‘Destroying the Great Satan: The Rise of Islamic Facism 
[sic] in America’: 


The iconic image of the US Capitol on a pristine spring 
day . . . The dome glistening under an azure sky and 
brilliant sun ... As the camera pulls in, we notice 
something strange, something not right ... Old Glory 
fluttering from its flagpole on the Capitol’s portico looks 
different, but we can’t put our finger on it ... As we pull 
in we see why ... I nstead of the stars and stripes - the 
crescent and the star!!!... Simultaneously with this 
focus we hear in a high pitched chant “Allah Akhbar” 

- the Muslim call to prayer emanating from the capital 
itself. On the screen in bold letters: 

The Islamic States of America 

According to documents acquired by The Washington Post the 
unmade documentary film was to warn about the threat of Islam 
and its ‘enablers among us’, including institutions such as the 
media and the Jewish community and government agencies 
which allegedly appeased Islamism. 

It is Bannon’s belief in a clash between the West and Islam and 
the idea of a Muslim invasion via immigration, aided by liberal 
left wing elites, that explains much of Breitbart’s coverage of 
Muslims as well as some of Trump’s policy decisions. 

‘Politics is War 9 

Key to winning this external war, in Bannon’s eyes, is to change 
the nature of the West. This requires shifting western societies 
away from liberal multiculturalism. 

As Bannon sees it, ‘politics is war’ and to win one has to 
‘weaponise’ the narrative you want to advance. To do so the 
media landscape has to be remade in one’s own political image. 
While Breitbart is key here, it is actually just part of a wider 
international offensive against liberal democracy. 

A recent article in The Observer newspaper explained how 
Breitbart was merely ‘the star’ at the centre of a right-wing 
‘media galaxy’ run by the ultra-conservative hedge fund 
billionaire Robert Mercer. Mercer, who was Donald Trump’s 
largest donor ($1 3.5m), has been central to the rise of Breitbart, 
donating $10m to Bannon’s media project. 

Fascinatingly, The Observer article revealed how Mercer also 
has a stake in Cambridge Analytica (CA), a small data analytics 
company that specialises in mass propaganda designed to act on 
people’s emotions, so-called ‘psyops’ (psychological operations). 

It uses big data and machine learning algorithms to identify 
patterns and predict behaviour, using the content that people 
see to understand their psychological profile and utilising that 
information to target them with whatever content it chooses. 

Speaking to The Observer, Andy Wigmore, the 
communications director of the Arron Banks-backed 
Leave.EU campaign , which also had ties with Cambridge 
Analytica, explained how data used in this manner: 

. . . tells you all sorts of things about that individual 
and how to convince them with what sort of 
advert. And you knew there would also be other 
people in their network who liked what they liked, 
so you could spread. And then you follow them. The 
computer never stops learning and it never stops 

Aleksandr Kogan from the Cambridge 
University’s Psychometric Centre, said: 

It’s no exaggeration to say that 
minds can be changed. Behaviour 
can be predicted and controlled. 

I find it incredibly scary. I really 
do. Because nobody has really 
followed through on the possible 
consequences of all this. People 
don’t know it’s happening to 
them. Their attitudes are being 
changed behind their backs. 

What is clear is that Breitbart, while 
important, is just one of countless 
right-wing platforms seeking to shift 
the societal consensus towards its 
worldview, using complex tools to 
manipulate behaviour. 

On both sides of the Atlantic there 
are people, movements, parties 

Robert Mercer. Donald Trump’s largest 
donor ($1 3.5m). Photo: Andrew Toth/ 

Getty Images 

8 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 

and philosophical currents - some collaborating, some not - 
that have a commonality of analysis, working tirelessly to knock 
down the pillars of the liberal progressive consensus. 

Many commentators have already drawn parallels between 
Trump’s election, Brexit and the rise of populist radical-right 
parties in Europe such as the Front National in France and Geert 
Wilders PVV in The Netherlands. While this is true, it makes up 
just one part of the phenomenon, the others being the organised 
anti-Muslim movement, the so-called ‘Alt- Right’, the European 
New (Real) Right (including Identitarian Movements) and of 
course the traditional far right. 

Together these groups, often using cutting-edge manipulative 
technology, pose a fundamental threat to the liberal progressive 
consensus and have the ability to halt, and possibly even 
reverse, the advancement towards more open, tolerant and equal 
societies, undermine social cohesion and threaten the safety and 
security of all ethnic minority communities, especially Muslims. 

Expansion into Europe 

While it is a digital platform, it would be wrong to see Breitbart’s 
threat as merely online: its work has significant offline 
repercussions. Breitbart doesn’t merely quench the thirst of 
online warriors by providing prejudiced confirmation bias, 
it actually consciously operates as a slick propaganda 
machine for specific politicians and parties of a 
populist-/radical-/far-right persuasion. 

In February 2014 Breitbart opened its first 
international section with the launch of Breitbart 
London, headed by executive editor James 
Delingpole and managing editor Raheem Kassam. 

At the time of its launch, along with a new branch in 
Texas, Stephen Bannon made clear the motivation 
for their expansion across the Atlantic: 

‘We look at London and Texas as two fronts in our 
current cultural and political war’ and that, There 
is a growing global anti-establishment revolt 
against the permanent political class at home, 
and the global elites that influence them, which 
impacts everyone from Lubbock to London.’ 
Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow added 
that London ‘is a window into and cautionary tale 
about the possible future of America as we trend 
toward a secular social-Democratic society.’ 

The offline soldiers in Bannon’s ‘political war’ 
here in the in the UK have been UKIP, which 
have benefitted from fawning coverage and 
constant support. Even Gawain Towler, the party’s 
head of press, has admitted to Buzzfeed that: 

‘Breitbart has, from conception, been broadly supportive of 
UKIP’ and that ‘it’s always very much been a friendly online 
news provider.’ However, the relationship has been multifaceted. 
As well as supporting UKIP Breitbart London has also been an 
influence on the party’s shift further to the right in recent years, a 
phenomenon explored in detail later in this report. 

Breitbart London also offered its support to the far-right, anti- 
Muslim street movement Pegida UK, led by former English 
Defence League founder Stephen Lennon (‘Tommy Robinson’). 
Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam even addressed 
one of Pegida UK’s demonstrations in Birmingham alongside 
the German Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann (who has been 
convicted of ‘inciting racial hatred’). 

Plans have also been announced to expand onto the Continent, 
with editions planned in France and Germany, with a view to 
bolstering the fortunes of the far-right leader Le Pen in France’s 
presidential election in April and to attack German Chancellor 
Angela Merkel’s progressive refugee policy and support the 
efforts of the anti-Muslim Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) party 
in the German federal elections in September. This was no secret 
with Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow confirming these 
countries had been picked due to the upcoming elections. 

The announcement of this enlargement makes it clear that 
Breitbart’s modus operandi is to expand into countries where 
it sees an opportunity of advancing its political project by 
exploiting anger and anti-immigrant sentiment, while seeking to 
bolster existing far-right opposition parties. 

However, despite it being announced that the new platforms 
would be launched by January 2017 nothing has yet 
materialised. This means the chance of any French Breitbart 
opening in time for the election is very slim. This has not 
stopped the existing platforms pumping out reams of pro-Front 
National stories. In the last year alone Breitbart has published 
over 200 articles with Le Pen in the title and many more where 
she and her party are mentioned. Similar exposure has been 
given to Geert Wilders - who is also a Breitbart columnist - and 
the AfD in Germany, while strong support was offered to Norbert 
Hofer, the far-right Freedom Party candidate, during his failed bid 
to become Austrian president last year. 

It has also emerged that there are plans to launch in Italy, 
too, with the country facing growing economic issues and the 
increased likelihood of elections this year. With one full-time 
journalist in Rome already it is said to be planning to add 
more, though it seems there are no plans to launch an Italian 
language site. 

Whether Breitbart actually manages to launch European 
platforms is still unclear, but it’s clear that Breitbart’s leadership 
is more than willing to use its existing English language outlets 
to advance the fortunes of Europe’s far right, populist, anti- 
Muslim, anti-immigrant political parties. 

HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 9 

Breitbart Report 

Breitbart London: 

Not News, Not Innocent 

Breitbart London, a subsidiary 
of the Breitbart News Network, 
is not a traditional news outlet. 

Nor did it ever intend to be. Breitbart’s founder, the prominent 
rightwing journalist Andrew Breitbart, told former Breitbart 
editor-in-chief (and now Trump right-hand man) Steve Bannon 
that they had “to take back the culture”. 

Breitbart London has made repeated journalistic and editorial 
errors and its inadequacies seem part of a deliberate strategy to 
communicate a political worldview under the guise of reporting 
on the day’s events. This strategy includes the use of misleading 
and false headlines to advance unsupported claims that attract 
readers by confirming their beliefs, and a stifling editorial policy 
that reports on a select few topics from a narrow range of “alt- 
right” perspectives. 

Quite ironically, Breitbart London and its parent organisation are 
well-known for two criticisms of mainstream news outlets: that 
they manufacture ‘fake news’ and that they do so for the purpose 
of promoting particular political worldviews. In practice, Breitbart 
London is frequently guilty of these very acts, despite their 
repeated denials. 

Given this, it seems likely that Breitbart London is a test export 
of the parent organisation’s strategic misreporting tactics, and a 
promotion of its mass-market political tools. 

It is crucial, therefore, to understand the tactics that Breitbart 
employs, and how they work. 

Breitbart London’s Writers: 

How They Create Fake News 

A central tactic of Breitbart London’s writers is to create 
headlines that de-contextualise information and quotations to 
present false, misleading or inflated claims. 

For example, the article ‘Delingpole: The Archbishop of 
Canterbury thinks we’re all Fascists, Cheers’, contains no quote 
from the Archbishop. Instead, it links to another Breitbart 
London article that conflates his passing reference to one 
possible explanation of recent electoral activity -the influence 
of fascist leaders on voters - with the claim that this is what 
he judges to be the explanation. Similarly misleading is ‘Soros- 
Backed Group Urges EU to Use ‘Nuclear Option’ on ‘Populist’ 
Poland’. The ‘nuclear option’ referred to is a nickname for an EU 
legal mechanism that prevents certain voting rights, as opposed 
to the implied military assault. 

This is a typical tactic of fake news outlets the world over. 

Headlines draw in readers by confirming their beliefs (or 
prejudices) in advance. Posing as news providers, these 
fake news media outlets use such content as clickbait: 
extraordinary claims are more likely to encourage click- 
throughs and social media sharing, which in turn generates 
more advertising revenue. 

Breitbart London’s writers are no doubt aware that there is 
often insufficient (or no) evidence to support their headlines’ 
claims, or that the available evidence supports a weaker 
claim. Therefore, they often de-escalate from the stronger 
claim in the headline to a weaker one in the body of the actual 
piece. Such de-escalation leads to the bizarre, openly self- 
contradictory nature of many Breitbart London articles. ‘Seven 
Found Guilty of Robbing German Churches to Finance Jihad, 
for example, later back-pedals when it admits that: “Judges 
said it was unclear whether the funds they generated were 
actually used to support armed jihad and if so, to what extent.” 

Failing de-escalation, Breitbart London writers will instead 
attempt to rely on putative evidence that doesn’t actually 
support their claims either. In ‘Europe’s Rape Epidemic: 
Western Women Will Be Sacrificed At The Altar Of Mass 
Migration’, Breitbart London writer Anne Marie-Waters (of 
Sharia Watch) cites a Norwegian (specifically Oslo) rape 
statistic through a Christian Broadcasting Network article, 
which neither provides a link to cited police reports and only 
a link to an unavailable Youtube clip when referring to the 
“rape epidemic”. She also references a Danish government 
statistic from 2010 (thus allowing for no comparison with 
the present); an uncited statistic about rape in England; 
and a 2015 Gatestone Institute report: ‘Germany: Migrant 
Rape Epidemic’ that claims “the increase in sex crimes in 
Germany is being fueled by the preponderance of Muslim 
males among the mix of refugees/migrants entering the 
country”. However, a more recent study by Davis and Vidler 
(2016) argues that, “while a relationship between increased 
rape or assault rates and the number of migrants entering 
Germany cannot be disproven, it also cannot be confidently 

Clearly aware that her ‘evidence’ does not support the claim 
that there is a rape epidemic in Europe resulting from mass 
migration, Marie-Waters, like all of Breitbart London’s writers, 
relies heavily on confirming her readers’ prior beliefs through 
mere speculation and rhetoric. One line in Marie-Waters’ 
article states: “The West is being disarmed - to demolish our 
cultures, our leaders are persuading us that there is nothing 
within them that is worthy of defence”. Combining an emotive 
belief widely perpetuated by Breitbart with an expression of 
respect for, and simultaneous dismissal of, the need to cite 
evidence, her support for this ‘Western disarmament’ claim is 
simply: “Examples of attacks on European or Western identity 
are too numerous to mention.” 

10 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 

Breitbart London writer, Virginia Hale (pictured), 
falsely reported in January of this year that Muslim 
men had attacked a church, police and citizens 
in Dortmund on New Year’s Eve as part of a 
thousand-strong mob chanting ’Allahu Akhbar’. 

HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 11 


Breitbart Report 

Breitbart London: Not News, Not Innocent (continued) 

Aside from de-escalation and attempting to make up for evidence 
with rhetoric, another tactic employed by Breitbart London’s 
writers is to frequently cite other, often also unsupported, 
Breitbart articles as evidence for claims. For example, Breitbart 
London’s recent deluge of 61 articles published within the last 
month on supposed crises resulting from Sweden’s migration 
policy, frequently link to one another [see HOPE not hate’s 
debunking sidebar on page 28 explaining why many of these 
claims about Sweden are also unsupported]. 

Given Breitbart’s “alt-right” perspective, this results in an echo 
chamber, reinforced by Breitbart’s constant reminder to its 
readers that mainstream media cannot be trusted. This would 
also explain the site’s high turnover of content covering the 
same events (its 10 staff produce on average three pieces 
each a day), with the resulting glut of op-ed speculation readily 
available to draw upon as ‘evidence’. Moreover, the few external 
news sources Breitbart London’s writers do rely on are usually 
the same, primarily right-leaning European papers, which add 
little variety to the editorial mix. 

The Best Explanation: 

Neither News nor Innocent 

If Breitbart London is a news outlet, why would its editor allow 
such basic and frequent mistakes from its writers? And why 
would its writers not wish to write on more varied topics? 

The obvious explanation is that Breitbart London is not a news 
outlet, since its output is often false or inflates the truth. Its 
inaccuracies are not innocent errors, but rather the result of 
deliberate, repeated employment of strategies by a media outlet 
to promote a particular, politically-rigid interpretation of current 
events under the guise of being a news outlet. Given that Steve 
Bannon has talked about how you can “weaponise” the narrative 
you want, perhaps that is unsurprising. 

It also explains why Breitbart rarely publishes corrections; 
something that fits with the organisation’s attitude towards 
humility. Former Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopolous, who 
recently quit following outrage about paedophilia comments, 
boasted: “I haven’t ever apologised before, and I don’t anticipate 
ever doing it again”. 

Breitbart London’s Editorial Policy: 
How it Suffocates Scrutiny 

The strategic inaccuracy of Breitbart London’s reporting is 
clearly the result of a deliberate editorial policy. The outlet 
exclusively hires writers with “alt-right” political leanings. A 
future injection of new perspectives into Breitbart London also 
seems unlikely, given that Breitbart News Networks’ The 
Conversation blog - ostensibly aimed at encouraging debate 
- has lain dormant since July 2016. 

Then there is the selective focus on certain topics. 

Within the last year the site has published over 303 
stories on ‘Muslims or Islam’ and 592 stories on 
‘immigrants or migrants’. None would deny that 
Islam and migration have been high-profile topics 
in mainstream media, but it is the relentless focus 
that highlights a deliberate attempt to keep the topics 
in readers’ minds. The scant number of reports on 
divergent topics (and lack of dedicated columnists 
for these) only serves to put its obsessive coverage of 
migrants and Islam into sharper relief. Furthermore, 
other common terms used in Breitbart London 
headlines within the last year reflect a 
clear editorial line on how to describe 
the current political climate, with 
116 stories on ‘rape or rapists’, 

54 stories on ‘invading, invasion 
or invaders’, and 79 stories 
discussing a ‘threat’ or that which 
is ‘threatening’. 

Breitbart London writer, Virginia Hale, falsely reported in 
January of this year that Muslim men had attacked a church, 
police and citizens in Dortmund on New Year’s Eve as part of a 
thousand-strong mob chanting ’Allahu Akhbar’. She was later 
corrected by the same source she drew on, local paper Ruhr 
Nachrichten , which stated that she had not only distorted its 
report, but had done so “for fake news, hate and propaganda”. 
Yet her article remains online and, though correcting 
for a claim about the age of the church, Breitbart 
London “stands by all other substantive facts in 
[the] article”. 

Elsewhere, Breitbart London has also hoped 
people have forgotten that it supported 
claims it has later discredited as fake news. 

For instance, in an article from this year 
Breitbart London’s Chris Tomlinson reported 
that allegations of sexual harassment, theft, 
and assault by migrants in Frankfurt on New 
Year’s Eve were being investigated by the police 
is being potentially false. However, though linking 
to it, Tomlinson did not explicitly 

mention that fellow Breitbart 
London writer Donna Rachel 
Edmunds had reported 
on the allegations in an 
earlier article. Instead, 
Tomlinson discussed 
how “this is not the 
first time German 
media have been 

12 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 

fooled by the so-called “fake news” phenomena”, before detailing 
two reports that, though indeed falsified, conveniently focused 
on claims made by two individuals from two groups Breitbart 
elsewhere negatively targets: migrants and Muslim women. 

Breitbart London’s writers evidently prioritise maintaining their 
beliefs over changing their minds when in pursuit of the truth. 
However, this should come as no surprise. As HOPE not hate 
detailed recently when examining how Breitbart’s connections 
to the “alt-right” have guided the reporting of Hale: “Selective 
and fake news is targeted to appeal to the biases of [Breitbart’s] 
audience, and “alt-right” racists are a section of the Breitbart 
readership that appear well-known to Hale”. 

Nor should it be a surprise that Breitbart London does not, 
despite the pretence, function as a news outlet. Just as the 
network’s founder, Andrew Breitbart, himself failed to realise 
(despite all of his putative new media genius), new platforms do 
not necessarily escape the flaws of the platforms they criticise. 
Least of all, do they escape the flaws they do little to avoid, or as 
is now more evidently accurate to say of Breitbart London, the 
flaws they do much to embrace. 






HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 13 

Breitbart Report 

UKIP - Breitbart's UK mission 

Since its inception in February 
201 4, the Breitbart London 
project has been intimately 
tied to the UK Independence 
Party (UKIP). 

Steve Bannon, now the intellectual centre of the Trump 
administration, has spoken of UKIP as a constituent part of 
a “global tea party”, an amalgamation of populist right-wing 
movements geared towards overturning established political 
powers such as the European Union (EU), as well as protecting 
“Judeo-Christian” values against radical Islam. 

Bannon made clear in a New York Times interview that the 
establishment of Breitbart London was accelerated in order to 
support a “nascent European Tea Party” before the May 2015 
elections. The outlet has wielded a tangible influence over the 
British Eurosceptic party since then. 

While UKIP has proved highly successful in terms of 
undermining the EU, it is an imperfect vessel for Bannon’s 
vision of an anti-establishment, anti-Islam party. Until recently 
UKIP had no core ideology other than Euroscepticism, and has 
attracted both illiberal, anti-immigration populists and libertarian/ 
free-market former Tories uninterested in being part of what 
Bannon has described as a “front” in “our current cultural and 
political war”. 

In order to realise this vision, under Bannon’s willing apprentice 
Raheem Kassam, Breitbart London has engaged in a tireless 
crusade not only to promote the party, but to shift it into ever- 
more punitive and xenophobic territory. Breitbart London has 
made significant progress in this mission, but in doing so has 
greatly exacerbated existing rifts, with UKIP currently teetering 
on the edge of splits and (potentially) oblivion. 

Breitbart London 

According to The Spectator, Steve Bannon first gained a toehold 
in UKIP via its General Secretary, Matthew Richardson, who had 
spent two years developing contacts for UKIP in Washington. 
The former executive director of the Young Britons’ Foundation 
(YBF), a controversial Tory youth group with strong links 
to American neoconservative movements, Richardson also 
introduced the one-time YBF member Raheem Kassam to 
UKIP figurehead Nigel Farage. Farage and Kassam quickly 
became friends. 

Bannon hired Kassam to head Breitbart’s London office 

alongside the rightwing polemicist James Delingpole, after 
sharing a panel with Kassam at the 2013 YBF Conference. 

From the outset Breitbart London was unwaveringly pro-UKIP, 
the early staff roster including Kassam, the would-be UKIP MEP 
candidate Delingpole, the former UKIP councillor Donna Rachel 
Edmunds and a future member of UKIP’s Brussels press team, 
Mary Ellen Synon. Breitbart London’s output was pro-Farage to 
the extent that it began to alarm other staff. 

“We effectively became the UKIP comms office,” one employee 
told The Spectator. “Any criticism of the sainted Farage was 
completely banned,” said another. 

Alongside being pro-Farage, the message was also obsessively 
anti-Islam and anti-immigration. And while Breitbart London’s 
readership is small compared to its American parent, its constant 
pro-UKIP content and frequent contributions from party officials 
ensures that it is read by a significant portion of younger 
party activists, effectively creating a bubble within which its 
unrelenting hardline message can take root. It is notable that of 
the multitude of former and current UKIP officials to have written 
for Breitbart London - including three leaders, nine MEPs, 
multiple spokespeople and leadership candidates, press officers, 
youth leaders and financial donors - the majority come from a 
pro-Farage, anti-immigration stance. 

Such obsequious coverage clearly helped curry favour with 
Farage, who in late 2014 hired Kassam. In September Kassam 
organised a trip with party secretary Matthew Richardson to 
the USA, including events hosted by Breitbart. Farage had been 
close friends with Robert Mercer, the reclusive hedge-fund 
billionaire who heavily funded the creation of the Breitbart News 
Network, and Kassam’s trip helped Farage establish his own ties 
with Bannon. 

Farage was clearly awed by his experience in the States, writing 
in his book Purple Revolution that it convinced both himself 
and Kassam of “the extraordinary power of online media and 
how it had made me and UKIP a massive, albeit surprising, 
brand in the US”. 

Just a month later Farage hired Kassam as his “senior 
advisor”, enabling the latter to directly import Breitbart’s toxic 
campaigning style into UKIP’s 2015 General Election push. 

General Election 2015 

A student of aggressive Tea Party-style campaigning, Kassam 
quickly began to steer Farage’s campaign into ever-more hostile, 
anti-Islam and anti-immigrant territory. 

Kassam has been widely held responsible for the implementation 
of the “shock and awful” TV debate strategy, whereby Farage 
would make inflammatory, xenophobic comments - such as 
deploying statistics about foreigners with FI IV and referring to 

14 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Nigel Farage with President Elect Donald Trump, Arron Banks (second left) and Raheem Kassam (right). Photo: Twitter/Leave EU 

a “fifth column” of Muslims in the UK - in order to provoke 
political commentators and outrage UKIP’s core vote. 

While such tactics were largely condemned by the mainstream 
press, Breitbart London provided constant positive coverage. 

Under Kassam’s tutelage, Farage also became ever more 
combative during the campaign, openly scorning a “left wing” 
BBC studio audience while discussing immigration in a 
live debate. 

In March 2015 Farage travelled to the USA to speak at CPAC, 
the largest annual gathering of American conservative activists, 
hosted by the American Conservative Union (ACU). His speech 
was preceded by a laudatory introduction from Breitbart’s US 
editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow, who stated: “Breitbart London 
is here to track a revolt, and its against the political establishment, 
and the global elites. And that revolt is being led by a party called 
UKIP and a man you’ll soon meet named Nigel Farage”. 

The fact that Farage missed UKIP’s Spring conference to speak 
at CPAC provoked the anger of many within his party. 

Farage’s inner circle shrunk ever smaller during the campaign, 
giving Kassam key decision-making power with little 
consultation. This aroused the ire of his colleagues, as did his 
seemingly uncontrollable urge to engage in petty squabbles. 

Fie took part in public spats with celebrities via Farage’s Twitter 
account and lodged a police complaint when, on a comedy quiz 
show, journalist Camilla Long suggested that Farage had barely 
visited South Thanet. 

Gawain Towler, UKIP’s press officer and a Farage loyalist, told 
author and academic Matthew Goodwin: 

‘I would not say Nigel changed, as there was nothing 
that he did that was not always there. It is not accurate 
to say that he was reinvented by Raheem. But we saw 
more of a side of Nigel that had not been given the same 
amount of licence in the past. He used to be aloof from 
the toxicity, floating above the bad side of Ukip... But 
what happened in this campaign, suddenly Nigel became 
as toxic as the party and that was a big change.’ 

Civil war 

After UKIP won just a single seat in the 2015 election, tensions 
exploded between Farage’s circle and those angry at the 
increasingly hostile anti-immigration policy and messaging 
employed by the leader. UKIP’s now-sole MP, Douglas Carswell, 
labelled Farage’s tactics “mean-spirited” and “wrong”. Farage 
embarked on an unsuccessful campaign to get him sacked. 

Both Kassam and Richardson were dropped from UKIP after 
MEP Patrick O’Flynn accused them of having turned Farage into 
a “snarling, thin-skinned, aggressive” man. Chair Suzanne Evans 
was sacked after using the word “divisive” about Farage, and 
later branded Kassam “an utter disaster” using “pure divide and 
rule politics”. 

Kassam blamed the tensions on jealousy. “Egos got in the way 
at every point”, he told The Guardian. “Who do you think Nigel 
would call? It was always me. They absolutely hated that.” 

Kassam returned to Breitbart London, warning that he would 
“be scrutinising quite heavily what the Red UKIP team are trying 

HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 15 

Breitbart Report 

An Unholy Union: Breitbart London & UKIP (continued) 

to do to my organisation”. The political blog Guido Fawkes 
reported that it may have been Kassam’s return that drove 
executive editor Delingpole, who was allegedly unhappy with the 
hectoring, anti-Islam stance output, from a position of influence 
at Breitbart London. Shortly after, Bannon granted Kassam full 
editorial control. The outlet began routinely publishing articles 
heavily critical of the “red UKIP team”. A 2016 petition - linked 
to Kassam - protested “insidious political correctness” in UKIP 
after Suzanne Evans pressured the party to suspend a candidate 
who advocated “gay cure” therapy. 

“Raheem has been quite clever in the way that he’s used Breitbart 
and its readership to push stories to further his own political 
agenda, as far as he wants UKIP to develop a move to be 
trenchantly right-wing,” O’Flynn told Buzzfeed News. “There’s an 
ongoing close relationship between the two of them, and it covers 
a lot of UKIP issues from a particular standpoint, of US-style attack 
dog politics”. 

While failing to help UKIP to electoral victory in 2015, Kassam 
had succeeded in pushing to the fore a block that shared 
Breitbart London’s far-right vision for the party. 

The Brexit campaign 

Tensions within UKIP temporarily eased during a period of relative 
focus ahead of the June 2016 EU Referendum. Farage was the 
figurehead of the unofficial Leave.EU campaign run by UKIP’s 
largest financial donor, Arron Banks. Unabashedly influenced 
by Donald Trump’s aggressive, emotional campaigning and 
disdain for facts, Leave.EU mercilessly exploited fears around 
immigration, leading to condemnation from many quarters of the 
mainstream press for toxifying the debate. 

The Observer newspaper reported that during this time Leave. 

EU acquired the services of Cambridge Analytica (CA), a data 
analytics firm used by the Trump campaign. According to 
Leave. EU’s communications director Andy Wigmore, Farage’s 
friendship with Breitbart co-owner Robert Mercer - a CA board 
member - led to Mercer directing CA to help the Leave.EU 
campaign free of charge. 

CA is an offshoot of British company SCL Group, with 25 years 
experience in military “population messaging” campaigns and 
“election management”. CA provided Banks’ divisive campaign 
with sophisticated advice on how to target swing voters via 
Facebook. Banks recently bragged about CA’s role in influencing 
the Brexit campaign, writing that it brought “unprecedented 
levels of engagement”. 

As Breitbart’s American parent became the unofficial mouthpiece 
of the Trump campaign, Breitbart London tirelessly flew the flag 
for Leave.EU ahead of the official Vote Leave campaign. Shortly 
after the UK voted to leave the EU, Steve Bannon congratulated 
Nigel Farage, UKIP and the Leave coalition via Breitbart News 

Daily, calling it a “David versus Goliath” victory. Farage, in turn, 
thanked Bannon for his support. 

“Can I just say a massive thanks to Breitbart, on both sides of 
the pond?” he said. “Because you guys have been fair with me, 
and given me a chance to make my arguments. I thank you guys 
very much indeed for that”. 

Bannon later told The Huffington Post. “We were the first guys in 
back of UKIP,” and hinted that the office had been opened in the UK 
because “we knew the Brexit thing was going to be big one day”. 

The UKIP leadership campaign 

Having achieved its sole founding purpose (i.e. for Britain 
to leave the European Union), UKIP has entered a period of 
profound existential crisis from which it has yet to fully emerge. 

The prospect of defining what the party now actually stands for 
has forced confrontation between its ideological blocs. Farage’s 
abdication has reignited vicious infighting between the Faragists 
and Douglas Carswell’s associates. Breitbart London has 
renewed its savage attacks on the party moderates. 

Raheem Kassam further upped tensions by launching his own 
divisive UKIP leadership campaign, backed by Arron Banks, 
under the slogan “Make UKIP Great Again”. His hardline platform 
included a referendum on banning the niqab (near-full face veil), 
allowing ex-BNP members and the English Defence League to join 
UKIP on a case-by-case basis, halving the budget of the BBC, and 
forcing Douglas Carswell to issue a humiliating apology for his 
disagreements with Farage or face being booted out of the party. 

Using Breitbart London as a mouthpiece, Kassam was able to 
mobilise UKIP’s troublesome Young Independence (Yl) youth 
movement, described as the “BNP-lite” by UKIP insiders. Under 
the encouragement of Yl leader (and Breitbart London author) 
Jamie Ross McKenzie, the Yl used social media to post incessant 
abuse against Carswell and his supporters. 

Deep anxieties remain among the UKIP leadership about the 
influence of Breitbart and “alt-right” racism within the youth 

New opportunities 

As the infighting reached fever-pitch, Bannon’s August 2016 
appointment as the Trump campaign’s chief executive - which 
according to The Observer newspaper was made on the advice of 
Robert Mercer- opened up opportunities for Farage and Kassam. 

Farage soon found himself onstage with the next President of 
the United States at a rally in Mississippi, delivering a speech 
which drew parallels between the Brexit and Trump campaigns, 
with Kassam waiting in the wings. Bannon would later defend his 

16 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 


Arra-n Eanfc-s 

inhfTrrfmg nn'r c3«plo-. nl Ihn lecfinsl&gy ri ■.«*■ gat 

unjir*ctdtnt*fl c- tngfrptmcnl 1 r*vtS A w«l ittfif leave 

Marlin F. Rabbini - 

Debunking <±gfnoLhe r beard s nu in rfial Car-nncge 

An.llvliL.i s\ Un i'it- rtLlim 't Trurp 

SH 1 , mu ^inileaiums lllllei'irijrin earn ni , vi.K-£tk2ni:L L ■: 

decision to host Farage, calling him “kind of a cult hero in this 
global populist movement”. 

Kassam abruptly abandoned his leadership campaign in late 
October 2016, initially citing intrusion from journalists but 
later stating on Breitbart News Network that he found the 
opportunities arising from Trump’s possible election more 
palatable than the prospect of leading UKIP. 

Kassam was present in November 2016 when Farage became 
the first foreign politician to meet president-elect Trump, 
and claims to have been the link, through Trump’s newly- 
appointed Senior Counsellor Steve Bannon, between the two. 
Also in attendance was Arron Banks, another hard-line Farage 
loyalist. Paul Nuttall MEP, the soon-to-be UKIP leader, was a 
notable absence. 

Farage has continued his love affair with Trump’s resurgent 
American right. Immediately after the meeting with the 
President-elect, Farage wrote a Breitbart London column, 

“I Am Prepared To Help Britain Work With President Trump”. 

An unseemly campaign to manoeuvre his way into an 
ambassadorial role has ensued. Farage also slighted his former 
party, saying he was relieved to no longer be UKIP leader 
because it had meant “having to deal with low-grade people 
every day”. 

During his speech at the February 201 7 CPAC - which was 
introduced by Kassam - Farage spoke of “a global political 
revolution” that would “roll out across the rest of the free 
world” against “the globalists and those who wish to destroy 
everything we’ve ever been”. He went on to praise Bannon 
and Kellyanne Conway (one of Trump’s senior advisors and 
his former campaign manager) as the “good people” behind 
Trump; Conway has attracted controversy for using the phrase 
“alternative facts” and referring to an alleged “Bowling Green 
massacre” (which never actually happened). Farage is now 
singing from an identical hymn sheet to Bannon, but clearly has 
ambitions that lie beyond his party. 

Where now? 

Paul Nuttall, who is also a Breitbart London columnist, won 
the November 2016 UKIP leadership election on two primary 
promises: uniting the party’s warring factions and reinventing 
post-Brexit UKIP as the party of the “patriotic working class”. 

Politically an authoritarian and nativist, Nuttall delivered his 
first promise by subsuming many of his more divisive policies. 
However he has proved unable to deliver the second, failing to 
win the Stoke by-election in February 2017. 

This defeat has brought the struggle over UKIP’s soul to a crisis 
point and, more importantly, given Nigel Farage and Arron Banks 
the chance to undermine the party and its leadership. 

It has been clear for some time that Banks and his 
communications chief Andy Wigmore had lost faith in UKIP but 
had difficulty in persuading Farage to make the break too. 

The former UKIP leader seemed genuinely tired of party politics 
and hoped for a life outside it and even a potential media career 
in the US. He also still held an affinity to the party he had 
represented for so long. 

However, the excitement of Trump’s victory and an increasingly 
turbulent political landscape in the UK has clearly drawn him 
back in. 

The trio have decided on a new party but for that to happen 
they have to clear UKIP out of the way first. Farage’s speech at 
the recent UKIP conference, where he said that defeat in Stoke 
would be a major setback, was the opening salvo. 

Banks then piled in with an open letter demanding that he 
become chairman and be allowed to sack several leading UKIP 
officials. He was quickly followed by Farage, who called for the 
party’s only MP Douglas Carswell to be expelled and dismissed 
Nuttall as a weak leader. 

Farage has also doubled down on a far-right platform, stating 
that the party must be “radical” and own “the question of 

All this is a calculated plan to undermine UKIP to the point it 
splits, its membership hemorrhages or becomes politically 
irrelevant. Any of these outcomes will give the justification for 
Banks and Farage to launch their new party. 

And it will be a party very much to the liking of Bannon, Mercer 
and the Breitbart operation. 

Raheem Kassam, playing his role dutifully, has joined the fray 
signalling that he, and by extension Breitbart London, may finally 
be moving on from UKIP, tweeting: “I’m not sure UKIP is fit for 
purpose anymore.” 

Breitbart’s relationship with UKIP appears to be coming to an 
end but a more worrying partnership is about to emerge. With a 
promise to “own” the issue of immigration and denouncing other 
political leaders for betraying the Brexit vote, this new party - 
with Breitbart’s active support - is likely to pose a more serious 
threat than UKIP ever was. 

And in this, Nigel Farage and Arron Banks will continue to be 
willing participants in Bannon’s cultural and political war. 

HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 17 

Breitbart Report 

Breitbart London staff - 
Raheem Kassam 

E ditor Raheem Kassam is the primary organising force 
at Breitbart London and responsible for much of its 
excoriating anti-Islam, pro-UKIP output. 

Described by The Spectator as “a wildly self-important figure” 
and “a professional windup merchant”, Kassam has bulldozed 
through a multitude of right-wing think tanks, similarly-minded 
campaigning organisations and blogs, leaving a trail of failed 
enterprises and scorched relationships in his wake. 


As a young Conservative Kassam joined the now-defunct Young 
Britons’ Foundation (YBF), a controversial youth group described 
as a “Conservative madrasa” by founder Donal Blaney, with 
strong links to American neoconservative movements. 

Kassam then served on the council of the conservative Bow 
Group think tank and had a brief stint at the Taxpayer’s Alliance, 
which was reportedly brought to an end after a dispute with chief 
executive Matthew Elliott. Kassam was also one of the organisers 
of the short-lived British Tea Party, set up by the anti-union 
libertarian think tank the Freedom Association to “counter what 
we believe is a Left-wing bias in our culture”. 

In 2010 Kassam became Marketing Director for the Henry Jackson 
Society (HJS), a neoconservative think tank described by founding 
HJS member and former director Dr Marko Attila Hoare as having 
“become an abrasively right-wing forum with an anti-Muslim 
tinge”. Kassam has since become an Associate Fellow at HJS. 

Fie became Director of the Henry Jackson Society-linked 
Student Rights in 2009, an anti-extremism “campus monitoring 
group” which, the Huffington Post reports, appears to have no 
student members or links to student unions. In 2013 Student 
Rights was condemned by multiple student unions at London 
universities for “disproportionately and unfairly targeting Muslim 
students, contributing to their marginalisation and ostracisation, 
damaging campus cohesion and feeding into a growing trend of 
Islamophobic discourse in wider society”. The Institute of Race 
Relations noted that Student Rights’ work has “been used by far- 
right groups to target a Muslim-student event”. A Student Rights 
report co-authored by Kassam was labelled “dishonest pseudo- 
science in support of a toxic narrative” in the Huffington Post. 

From January 2011 Kassam worked as Executive Editor of 
neoconservative news website The Commentator, attracting 
controversy for writing an article in support of racial 
profiling. He was slammed by his future colleagues on the 
neoconservative right, such as Aymenn J Al-Tamimi of the 
Middle East Forum, for the extremity of The Commentator’s 
anti-Islam output. Kassam eventually made an acrimonious exit 
in 2013 after an explosive falling out with founding editor Robin 
Sheppard, among accusations of theft, blackmail, extortion and 
multiple accounts of fraud. 

In 2012 Kassam headed-up the “Green Centre for Economic 
Analysis and Sustainable Environment” (GreenCEASE), a 
quickly-abandoned project consisting of a website and Twitter 
account dedicated to reposting dubious climate sceptic 
material. In July 2013 he launched a now-dormant blog, 
Trending Central, describing itself as “pro-free markets, pro- 
democracy, pro-Western and pro-Israel in its outlook”. 

Breitbart London 

After meeting Steve Bannon at the YBF Conference in 2013, 
Kassam was hired (alongside right-wing polemicist James 
Delingpole) to head Breitbart’s London office. According to 
political blog Guido Fawkes, Kassam soon alienated Delingpole, 
who had allegedly attempted to move the outlet away from its 
hectoring anti-immigration, anti-Islam stance during Kassam’s 
nine-month jaunt as assistant to Nigel Farage, and had even 
considered quitting Breitbart to “avoid ever having to be in the 
same room as Kassam” again. Delingpole continues to write 
regularly for Breitbart London but appears to have ceded any 
editorial influence to Kassam. 

Kassam has led Breitbart London in an increasingly incendiary, 
anti-Islam arc, for example interviewing various leaders of the 
international “counter-jihad” scene after taking over from Bannon 
as host of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM radio. This is 
unsurprising, given Kassam’s extensive links to “counter jihad” 
and anti-Muslim hate movements. 

Kassam is a Shillman/Ginsburg Writing Fellow at Daniel Pipes’ 
Middle East Forum, and a Distinguished Senior Fellow of the 
Gatestone Institute. He has described himself as “mates” with 
former English Defence League (EDL) and Pegida UK leader 
Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) and described Anne 
Marie Waters of Sharia Watch UK as “a good personal friend of 
mine, I absolutely love her”. Kassam addressed a demonstration 
of the anti-Islam street movement Pegida UK in April 2016, going 
on to promote Pegida UK on “counter-jihadist” Ezra Levant’s show 
on the far-right outlet Rebel Media. America’s largest anti-Muslim 
organisation ACT! For America has shared Kassam’s articles. 

UK Independence Party 

In October 2014 Kassam was hired as “senior advisor” to 
then-UKIP leader Nigel Farage in the run up to the 2015 
General Election. Kassam is widely credited for implementing 
the “shock and awful” TV debate strategy where Farage would 
make inflammatory, xenophobic comments - such as deploying 
statistics about foreigners allegedly with HIV - carefully planned 
to provoke the political class and fire up UKIP’s core vote. 

Yet again Kassam’s behaviour quickly alienated his colleagues. 

UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn described him as “a very combative 

18 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 


personality, he wanted self-glorification, name-checks for himself.. 
He had an appalling relationship with the press office”. 

“My problem is not that I start fights because, generally, 

I don’t,” Kassam told author and academic Matthew 
Goodwin. “My flaw is that when I am in a fight I don’t know 
when to stop”. 

After UKIP won just a single seat at the 201 5 election, 

Kassam was dropped. This was widely reported to 
have been due to his central role in the bitter factional 
squabbles between the Faragists and the party moderates, 
although Kassam has claimed he chose to leave at the 
end of his contract in order to “bulletproof Nigel” from 
criticism. Kassam has continued to pursue what he has 
described as the “red UKIP team” through abusive 
outpourings on social media, and Breitbart London 
routinely publishes articles heavily critical of figures 
within UKIP opposing his far-right vision for the party. 

Following Nigel Farage’s abdication in 2016, Kassam 
ran a divisive campaign for the UKIP leadership, using 
Breitbart London as his mouthpiece for a hardline 
platform which included a referendum on banning 
the niqab, providing Anne-Marie Waters a “senior 
policy position” and allowing ex-BNP members and 
the English Defence League to join UKIP on a case- 
by-case basis. With such policies Kassam was able 
to mobilise much of UKIP’s troublesome Young 
Independence (Yl) youth movement, described as 
the “BNP-lite” by former UKIP insiders. 

New Opportunities 

Kassam abruptly abandoned his leadership 
campaign, initially citing intrusion from journalists 
but later stating on Breitbart radio that he found 
the opportunities arising from the possible election 
of Donald Trump to be much more palatable than the 
prospect of leading UKIP. Minutes later he embarked on a 
lengthy and sycophantic outpouring about Bannon on-air. 
Kassam was present in November 2016 when Farage became 
the first foreign politician to meet president-elect Trump, and 
claims to have been the link, via Trump’s newly-appointed 
Senior Counsellor Bannon, between the two. 

Toadying up to Bannon has provided enormous opportunities 
to a political chancer who, a handful of years before, was 
caught attempting to create his own Wikipedia page. While 
his caustic brand of anti-Muslim bigotry now has a bigger 
platform than ever before, Kassam’s inability to control his 
abusive outbursts or maintain working relationships means it 
is uncertain how long he can continue in Bannon’s slipstream 
before stepping on the wrong toes. 

Raheem Kassam at the 
2017 Conservative Political 
Action Conference (CPAC) in 
National Harbor, Maryland. 
Photo: Gage Skidmore 

HOPE not hate I Breitbart report 

Breitbart Report 

Other Breitbart London staff 

James Delingpole 

James Delingpole is a right-wing 
polemicist and climate change sceptic 
best known for his columns in The 
Daily Telegraph and The Spectator, and 
for authoring books such as How to 
be right: The essential guide to making 
lefty liberals history and Watermelons: 

How Environmentalists are Killing the 
Planet, Destroying the Economy and 
Stealing your Children’s Future. 

Delingpole was the most established 
name bought in by Steve Bannon 
during the formation of Breitbart 
London, initially hired to co-run the 
site with Raheem Kassam. ShorShortly after joining Breitbart 
London Delingpole described himself as fighting “the culture 
wars, the wars against cultural Marxism. 

According to the political blog Guido Fawkes, the relationship 
between Kassam and Delingpole has deteriorated over Kassam’s 
trenchant anti-Islam stance, with Delingpole allegedly even 
considering quitting Breitbart to ‘avoid ever having to be in the 
same room as Kassam’ again. Delingpole continues to write 
regularly for Breitbart London but appears to have ceded any 
editorial influence to Kassam. 

Delingpole attributes his hiring by Bannon partly to their similar 
stances on ‘the great climate-change con’ and he dominates 
Breitbart’s climate change coverage. Delingpole wrote in his 
201 2 polemic Watermelons that this ‘con’ has in part been 
engineered by the environmental think tank Club of Rome in 
order to form a “New World Order”, described as ‘an eco- 
fascist tyranny so powerful and all-encompassing it makes Nazi 
Germany look like Mary Poppins’ nursery’. 

Delingpole has appeared several times on Alex Jones’ InfoWars, 
most recently in December 2015, during which they discussed 
a supposed environmentalist-led drive towards “one world 
government”. Jones has been described by the Southern 
Poverty Law Centre as ‘the most prolific conspiracy theorist in 
contemporary America’ and InfoWars is widely considered a fake 
news website, popular in so-called “alt-right” circles. 

Delingpole stated in a 2011 BBC Horizon programme 
“Science Under Attack” that he does not read peer-reviewed 
papers as he ‘doesn’t have the time or the scientific expertise’, 
instead considering himself an ‘interpreter of interpretations’. 

He also condemned scientific consensus on global warming 
as ‘unscientific’. He has since dismissed peer-review 
papers altogether. 

In 2010 Delingpole was awarded the 2010 Bastiat Prize for online 
journalism by the now defunct free-market campaigning group 


Executive Editor, 

Number of articles: 
over 840 

International Policy Network (IPN). IPN was funded in part by oil 
giant ExxonMobil. 

Delingpole sees himself as a classical libertarian and has 
described himself as ‘a member of probably the most 
discriminated-against subsection in the whole of British society 
-the white, middle-aged, public-school-and-Oxbridge educated 
middle-class male’. 

Having cultivated a reactionary, contrarian persona, Delingpole 
has framed the BBC’s political correctness as part of a cultural 
Marxist ‘grand plan to destroy Western civilisation from within’. 
Delingpole was forced to apologise to fellow journalist Suzanne 
Moore in 2013 after making a sexist comment in support of his 
friend Toby Young which alluded to her being raped. Delingpole’s 
apology was rejected by Moore. 

A UKIP sympathiser, Delingpole put his name forward to 
stand as a candidate at the European elections in 2014 but 
was rejected at the interview stage. He also stood as an 
independent candidate in the Corby by-election in 2012 on the 
single issue subject of wind farming, despite the fact that the 
town had no wind farms. Delingpole quit the race in time to 
recoup his £500 deposit. 

Simon Kent 

Australian writer Simon Kent has 
operated in the international media 
for three decades. Kent worked as 
commissioning editor for the UK’s 
Telegraph Sunday Magazine in 1 984 
before reporting for the Australian 
paper The Sydney Morning Herald 
and tabloid The Sun-Herald in the 
1 990s. Kent then became the editor 
of the London bureau of Fairfax 
newspapers, while contributing to 
The Daily Telegraph and military and 
corporate magazine Jane’s Defence 
Weekly. From 201 1 Kent worked as 
online editor and columnist for the 
Toronto Sun, a tabloid modelled on the British Sun newspaper 
and known for its populist conservative stance. 

In 2014 he became a political contributor and relief host at Sun 
News Network, a Canadian TV channel known for its caustic, 
provocative right-wing output. The channel was frequently 
inundated with complaints - a notable example being when 
pundit Ezra Levant issued an appalling tirade against Roma 
people - and Sun News Networkms pulled off the air early 2015 
due to poor ratings. 

Kent, described by former colleague Levant as ‘my friend’, has 
appeared several times on Levant’s “counter-jihad” outlet Rebel 

20 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 

Media. Other guests on Rebel Media include Paul Weston of the 
far right Liberty GB, described by the website as ‘one of the great 
voices of freedom and classical values in the UK’. 

Donna Rachel Edmunds 

Donna Edmunds has a colourful 
background in right-wing politics, 
working as an assistant to then- 
Conservative MEP Roger Helmer 
in Brussels before her election as 
a Conservative to Lewes District 
Council. Edmunds was forced to 
stand down as Lead Councillor for 
Communications in 201 1 , after calling 
a constituent a ‘village idiot’ and to 
‘pay your taxes to die of cancer if 
that’s what you want’ during an online 
row about the NHS. 


Staff writer, 
May 201 4 -present 

Number of articles: 
over 2000 

She defected to UKIP in 2013 and 
became MEP candidate for the South East. In 2014 Edmunds 
was slammed by her own party and forced to apologise after 
claiming that business owners should be able to refuse services 
to women and gay people. She later left the party, claiming that 
Farage was planning to oust her as an MEP candidate to make 
way for the party’s current Deputy Chair Suzanne Evans. 

A prolific writer, Edmunds founded the blog with 
the aim of giving ‘a platform to all views within UKIP’, and has 
written for Kassam’s controversial former site The Commentator. 
She has also written for The Freedom Association (TFA), a 
Tory and UKIP-linked libertarian pressure group that gained 
prominence through its vigorous anti-trade union campaigns 
and opposition to sporting sanctions imposed on apartheid-era 
South Africa in the 1980s. 

Edmunds sees herself as a ‘Hayekan crusader’ who ‘often spends 
long hours attempting to reconcile Randian Objectivism with the 
Bible’. At Breitbart London Edmunds has provided sympathetic 
coverage to a number of far-right figures and parties including 
former EDL and Pegida UK leader Stephen Lennon, Dutch 
“counter-jihad” figurehead Geert Wilders, and far-right nationalist 
party the Sweden Democrats. 

On social media Edmunds has frequently made Twitter contact 
with YouTube vlogger and “alt-right” affiliate Paul Joseph 
Watson, editor-at-large of the notorious conspiracy site 
InfoWars (at one point writing “I love this guy”). Edmunds 
has even contacted Watson to request statistics to use in her 
articles. Watson, who believes that the US government was 
highly involved in 9/1 1 , has made a career of turning fringe 
conspiracies into mainstream ideas and was responsible for 
popularising the “Is Hillary dying” hoax. 

Oliver JJ Lane 

Oliver Lane is a former researcher 
for the military think tank, the 
International Institute for Strategic 
Studies and the longstanding 
Eurosceptic group Get Britain Out. 

He was also briefly employed as an 
analyst for security firm Onsight 
Intelligence Ltd. 

Lane ran as Conservative Party 
candidate for Nuneaton and Bedworth 
county council in 2013, gaining 
12.45% of the vote, and spent nine 
months as chairman of the British 
Monarchist League. 

Primarily reporting for Breitbart London on military matters 
and Islam, he describes his work on the far-right outlet Rebel 
Media as: ‘Half of my job everyday is scanning all of the 
European local newspapers, the small places that other media 
groups wouldn’t necessarily look to think [sic], local blogs, 
local interest, and that means we can get those sorts of stories 
days before the national news media’. Using this tactic Lane 
broke the 2016 New Year’s Eve Cologne assault scandal in the 
English language, which remains Breitbart London’s highest 
profile story so far. 

On social media Lane has “liked” multiple racist pages, 
including the premier “alt-right”/new right publisher Arktos, 
the openly pro-fascist page “Rational Ethno-Nationalism” and 
the Nazi blood-and-soil page “Artaman: Hyperborean Garden”. 
Lane has also “liked” a page titled “European Traditional 
Family” which posts Nazi propaganda of Aryan families, and 
the “strictly non muslim” group “The Beauty of European 
Girls and Women”, dedicated to white women of “pure 
european descent”. 

Lane also appears to be an associate of Gregory Lauder-Frost 
of the Traditional Britain Group (TBG), who frequently leaves 
friendly comments on Lane’s Facebook account. Lauder-Frost 
is a former Tory-fringe leader and former BNP member with 
apparent Nazi-sympathies. The TBG hosts annual far right 
gatherings addressed by prominent racist personnel, such as 
former BNP organiser and British “alt-right” figure Matt Tait. 
These gatherings have been attended by some of the UK’s most 
prominent fascists, including the leadership of the extreme- 
right London Forum. 

Lane has also “liked” the official TBG Facebook page, which 
has reposted several of his articles. Other users leaving 
comments on Lane’s Facebook page include Jack Buckby of 
Liberty GB, once a rising star in the BNP and tipped to become 
the next Nick Griffin. 


W A 



Staff writer, 
August 201 4 -present 

Number of articles: 
over 1500 

HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 21 

Breitbart Report 

Other Breitbart London staff (continued) 

Chris Tomlinson 

UK-born Canadian Chris Tomlinson 
is a former technician for a Canadian 
mobile phone repair company, 
with a background in marketing for 
insurance firms. Since May 2015 
Tomlinson has worked in journalism 
and campaigned for the Conservative 
Party of Canada. His reporting 
for Breitbart London primarily 
covers right-wing European politics 
and Islam. 

Describing himself as a 
“traditionalist”, Tomlinson has 
penned several positive Breitbart 
London articles about the European 
Identitarian Movement (which he calls the “hipster right”). 

The Identitarian Movement derives from the French New Right, 
and pushes for ethnic homogeneity within borders and an end to 
multiculturalism. “Alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer of the 
white nationalist National Policy Institute has defined himself as 
an Identitarian. 

Tomlinson is also a member of the “Archeo-Futurism” Facebook 
group, an “alt-right” online hub dedicated to the radical creed of 
New Right white supremacist Guillaume Faye. In addition, he is 
a member of the crude Austrian nativist facebook group “NPO - 
National Partei Osterreich”. 

Post: Staff writer, 
January 2016 

Number of articles: 
over 700 

Virginia Hale 

An East Asian Studies graduate from 
Liverpool, Virginia Hale appears to 
have had little writing experience 
prior to Breitbart London outside 
of her primary blog, “Chronicling 
Ever More Intolerant Society”. She 
also had two other blogs, “Women 
Gamers Against SJWs” [SJW = 

“Social Justice Warriors”] and “Get 
Feminists Out of Gaming” dedicated 
to the Gamergate controversy, 
the 2014 online movement led by 
Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopolous 
which brutally harassed women in 
videogame journalism. 

On 3 January 2017 Hale penned a deliberately misleading false 
report for Breitbart London about a “1 ,000-man mob” setting 
fire to a German church. Hale’s claims were quickly dispelled 
by the German media and police and the article ensured 


Post: Staff writer, 
December 2014 

Number of articles: 
over 450 

Breitbart London’s round condemnation in the international 
press, with one German newspaper claiming that she had used 
exaggerations and factual errors to create ‘an image of chaotic 
civil war conditions in Germany, caused by Islamist aggressors’. 
Hale has stated that her work at Breitbart London ‘involves me 
going through Euro papers every day - 1 see the ruin brought to 
continent by invaders’. 

Hale defines herself as a paleoconservative, a traditionalist 
ideological foundation of the “alt-right”. However her social 
media feeds reveals her to be a white nationalist with an 
obsessive preoccupation with race, frequently posting about 
‘white genocide’, a term long used in in racist circles to refer 
to a deliberate campaign of mass immigration, integration 
and miscegenation conducted by sinister (and often Jewish) 
elites. Hale has also alleged that black people are more prone 
to violence because of their IQs, and blamed an alleged drop in 
European IQ levels on immigration. 

Hale has used social media to engage in active dialogue with 
“alt-right” leaders such as Richard Spencer of the National Policy 
Institute, Kevin MacDonald of the Occidental Observer, racist 
Scottish vlogger Colin Robertson (aka Millennial Woes), Mike 
Peinovich (aka Mike Enoch) of The Daily Shoah podcast and, and Matthew Heimbach, considered by many 
to be the face of a new generation of American neo-Nazis. 

Much of Hale’s Breitbart London output fits neatly into white 
nationalist narratives, with article titles including: “Whites 
Need Not Apply: BBC Advertises ‘Black, Asian Or Minority- 
Only Positions ” , “Islamic Academic: Migrants WantEurabia, 
Globalists Using Migrants to Destroy The West’ and ‘African 
Migrants Riot Against ‘Racist’ Italians: ‘Allah Will Guide Us in 

Nick Hallett 

Nick Hallett is one of the original 
Breitbart London writers, reporting 
primarily on UK politics. After 
completing a Combined Arts Degree 
at Durham University, he worked 
for several years as a research 
fellow at the Young Britons’ 

Foundation (YBF), a controversial 
Conservative-affiliate think tank 
with strong links to American 
neoconservative movements. Dubbed 
the “Conservative mad rasa” by its 
founder Donal Blaney, former Prime 
Minister David Cameron attempted to 
distance himself from YBF due to its 
radical views and influence on young party activists. 

Post: Staff writer, 
February 201 4 

Number of articles: 
over 2000 

22 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 

Exclusive: Government Will Not Request Prison 
Sentence for ‘Child Migrant’ Who Raped 5 Year-Old 

ThB AWnmev-Ganaral's Office (AGO) will not request a prison senten ce for a -child ^ ^ _ 
migranf who raped a 5 year- 

migrant, who told the boy he ' Top Sch[)ol Sc ra P S Uniforms Because Of ONE 
by jack Montgomery i sj Tiansgendei Student 

i A leading independent school has announced it will ^ap ifofrariifjgnai 17 g-vft ar-fM 

I un 

f Z Make Mosques Look More British to Help Muslims 
Integrate, Says Government Report 

c v ! Nevir mosques should be built in i 

with iiri^*rpn™nt" - — “ 

more traditionally British style to help Muslims integrate 
icrt released 

Hallett then spent a year as Head of Research at the 
Thatcherite campaigning group the Conservative Way 
Forward (CWF). The leadership of CWF, including Blaney, 
was implicated in an alleged bullying scandal after a 
young CWF and YBF activist committed suicide in 2015. 
Hallett has also assisted with running the Margaret 
Thatcher Centre, a museum dedicated to the former UK 
Prime Minister, and stood for the Conservatives in the 
2008 Durham County Council elections, garnering 4.5% 
of the votes. 

Hallett’s stories have been picked up by a number of 
dubious outlets, including conspiracy sites InfoWars and, alongside American Renaissance, 
considered to be one of the most important organisations 
in the world of “academic racism” by the Southern Poverty 
Law Centre. 

Liam Deacon 

Philosophy graduate Liam Deacon 
has written for a wide variety 
of publications, including The 
Huffington Post, VICE, The Guardian, 

Left Foot Forward, Conservative 
Woman, Freethought Blogs, 

SpikedOnline and Street Carnage. 

The baby-faced Deacon appears to 
have undergone a transformation 
at Kassam’s Breitbart. Previously 
describing himself as a believer 
in ‘progressive free thought, 
secularism, equality and social 
mobility’, he even once wrote 
positively in a Sheffield student paper about Ed Miliband’s 
‘moderate socialism’, claiming that ‘it’s certainly evident there 
is a deep-seated and irrational fear of the left fostered by so 
much of the UK press’. Much of Deacon’s pre-Breitbart activity 
revolved around drug policy reform, founding the Sheffield 
chapter of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy UK and writing 
for Release’s TalkingDrugs website. 

At Breitbart London Deacon has abandoned the considered 
tone of his articles and strayed to reactionary, nativist territory, 
producing headlines such as “100 UK-Bound Migrants Brawl in 
France” and “UK Muslim Rape Gang Charged With Trafficking 
White Girls”. Alongside several pro-UKIP articles Deacon has 
written sympathetically of Dutch “counter-jihad” politician Geert 
Wilders, former EDL and Pegida UK leader Stephen Lennon, and 
Marine Le Pen’s Front National. Deacon also appears to have 
reined in his stance on drug policy in line with the website’s 
generally more punitive outlook in this area. 

Islam Academic: Migrants Want Eurabia, Globalists 
Using Migrants to Destroy The West 

. , . U1 has warned that Muslims in Europe view 

a highly reg 

migration ai 

detailed hoi Migrants Admit ‘Boredom’, ‘Racism’ of Locals Drives 
divided sol q lem to ^ rS011j Burning Cars 

by VIRGEL s P ea ^1 n O out in a frank interview with a local Swedish newspaper, a young migrant has 
explained how boredom and racism has driven him and his friends to violently 
V— vandalising property for amusement 

fry OLIVER JJ LAKE ! 3 Nov 2016, i:-S AM pu t i 

Police Officer: Almost All Serious Crime Committed By L- 
Migrants . ft 

Jem®* Dtlmgpgl^ 

Migrants are to b la pie 
force to become over 
Face book the officer, 


Basically every environmental scare story ever, 
esp ft it involves animeis, j s made up. Bollocks 




Jack Montgomery 

Breitbart London’s newest staff 
addition, Jack Montgomery is the 
former Scottish spokesman for 
Leave. EU, the unofficial Brexit 
campaign led by former UKIP donor 
and Westmonster blog owner Arron 

Montgomery is described by Banks 
in his book Bad Boys of Brexit as 
a ‘Scottish waiter plucked from 
obscurity to serve as lead writer, 
content adviser and sometime 
spokesman for Leave. EU. Spent the 
early days of the campaign sending 
furtive emails from the cutlery- 
polishing section of his restaurant to Banks, who decided he had 
an eye for a story and brought him in.’ 

Leave. EU openly mimicked the Trump Presidential campaign’s 
disdain for facts and was criticised for its crude and often 
xenophobic output. Banks’ book reveals Montgomery to have 
had an active hand in producing some of Leave.EU’s provocative 
social media posts. 

Montgomery has also blogged for Global Britain, a Eurosceptic 
organisation run by Leave.EU co-chairman Richard Tice, and City 
AM, a business-focused London newspaper. 

HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 23 

Breitbart Report 

A platform for extremists 

Breitbart London has given a platform for some of the world’s 
most prominent anti-Muslim activists. Among them are: 

Geert Wilders 

Geert Wilders is the most successful 
“counter-jihadist” politician in the 
world. Since 2004 Wilders has been 
the founder and leader of the Dutch 
Party for Freedom (PVV), the third 
largest party in the Netherlands. His 
prominence in Dutch politics has 
secured his position as the main 
standard-bearer across Europe of the 
“counter-jihad” networks and he is 
feted by aligned campaigning organisations in North America. 

Wilders has called Islam the “ideology of a retarded culture” and 
compared the Koran to Mein Kampf. He has also called for the 
Qu’ran to be banned, and demanded the rewriting of the Dutch 
constitution to halt all immigration from Muslim countries. 

In addition, he’s demanded the paid repatriation of Muslim 
immigrants; for all Muslim ‘criminals’ to be stripped of Dutch 
citizenship and deported ‘back where they came from’. 

Wilders was barred from entering the UK in 2009, after the 
Home Office labelled him an “undesirable person”. 

Of the 1 2 articles Wilders has written for Breitbart London since 
January 201 6, titles have included “EXCLUSIVE - Geert Wilders: 
Stopping Islamic Immigration Is a Matter of Survival”, “Geert 
Wilders: Muslims, Leave Islam, Opt for Freedom!” and “Geert 
Wilders For Breitbart: Let’s Lock The Door To Islam”. 

Anne Marie Waters 

Ex-Labour Party member Anne Marie 
Waters, is former spokesperson and 
co-director for the One Law for All 
campaign, and was a council member 
of the National Secular Society. In 
201 3 she shifted dramatically to the 
right, writing regular blogs for the 
International Free Press Society’s 
Dispatch International on subjects 
such as sharia law, immigration and 
‘Muslim crime’. 

In May 2014, Waters joined UKIP. One month earlier she 
launched Sharia Watch UK in the House of Lords. Waters was 
central to plans to host a Muhammad Cartoons competition in 
London in September 2015, which was later cancelled. 

Raheem Kassam has described Waters as “a good personal 
friend”. Waters writes exclusively on Islam for Breitbart, including 
pieces such as “Feminists Need To Know - Islam Kills Women” 
and “Dear So-Called Feminists - Your Open Borders Bullsh*t Will 
Ensure Thousands Of More Rapes And Sexual Assaults”. 

Katie Hopkins 

Hopkins is an English television 
personality and newspaper columnist. 
While she has been promoted by 
the British tabloid newspaper The 
Sun (for whom she writes a column) 
as “Britain’s most controversial 
columnist”, she has been described 
in several other outlets as a 
“professional troll”. 

Among her many controversies was an 
April 2015 column for The Sun, “Rescue boats? I’d use gunships 
to stop migrants”. Throughout the article she labelled migrants as 
“cockroaches” and “a plague of feral humans”, saying they were 
“spreading like the norovirus”. The article began: “No, I don’t care. 
Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play 
violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care”. 

These comments, published just hours before hundreds of 
migrants were killed after their boat capsized near Libyan waters, 
were condemned by the United Nations High Commission for 
Human Rights and many others, referred to as “hate speech” in 
the press. One week later, Breitbart London gave her a platform 
to publish her first article. 

Robert Spencer 

American blogger and author Robert 
Spencer is a principal leader of 
the international “counter-jihad” 
movement and a close associate of 
Pamela Geller. Spencer has published 
10 books and has led seminars on 
Islam and jihad for the US Army 
Command and General Staff College, 
the FBI and the US intelligence 
community, among others. 

Spencer is the founder of Jihad Watch, a programme of the 
David Horowitz Freedom Centre (DHFC), which was cited 162 
times by Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik in the 
manifesto he used to justify his killings of 77 people in 201 1 . 
With Geller, Spencer co-founded the America Freedom Defense 
Initiative (AFDI) and shares the Executive Director role of 
Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). They share a common 
conspiratorial belief in a ‘stealth jihad’ (holy war) being waged 
against the United States, with the aim of subjecting America to 
Islamic law. 

Spencer was banned from entering the UK in 201 3 (alongside 
Geller) for inciting anti-Muslim hatred. By publishing his articles 
Breitbart London has ensured his voice is heard in the UK. 

24 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 

Stephen Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson 

Stephen Lennon co-founded and led the violent anti-Muslim 
movement, the English Defence League (EDL), from 2009 until 
2013. He remains the single most important “counter-jihadist” 
in the UK and is viewed as an inspirational figure to both the 
militant and the political wings of the movement. 

Lennon left the EDL in October 201 3, claiming to be tired of 
fighting off nazis infiltrating the group. However, he has lost 
none of his anti-Muslim views and founded the British branch 
of the German anti-Islam Pegida street movement in 2015. 
Among the speakers at the April 201 6 Pegida rally was none 
other than Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam. 

Lennon served 12 months in jail for actual bodily harm, having 
assaulted an off-duty police officer during a domestic incident in 
2004. More recently, he was imprisoned for 18 months for his 
role in a £180,000 mortgage fraud. 

Kassam has described himself as “mates” with Lennon and 
provided him with a sympathetic extended interview on Breitbart 
London’s YouTube channel. Kassam also interviewed Lennon in 
August 2016 on Breitbart News Daily. 

Pamela Geller 

American blogger, author and political activist, Pamela Geller is a 
principal leader of the international anti-Muslim “counter-jihad” 
movement. She co-founded the American Freedom Defence 
Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) and is 
Executive Director of Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) with 
Robert Spencer. She published Stop the Islamization of America in 
2011, which she has described as a “practical primer for patriots”. 

Geller’s conspiratorial anti-Muslim agenda emphasises 
the existence of a concerted Islamic conspiracy to destroy 
American values. 

Raheem Kassam interviewed Geller on Breitbart News Daily in 
December 2016. Geller is also a regular columnist in the US 
edition of Breitbart, having written over 290 articles for the site. 

Ingrid Carlqvist 

Anti-Muslim extremist Ingrid Carlqvist is a leading actor in the 
European “counter-jihad” movement and founder of the Swedish 
Free Press Society. She is also the editor-in-chief of the online 
newspaper Dispatch International, the paper of the International 
Free Press Society, co-run with Lars Hedegaard. 

Carlqvist is a writer for the notorious Gates of Vienna (GoV) blog, 
which acts as the central forum of the “counter-jihad” movement. 
Anders Breivik was a regular reader of Gates of Vienna. 

Raheem Kassam interviewed Carlqvist for Breitbart News on 

(left to right) Stephen Lennon, Pamela Geller and Frank Gaffney 

20 August 2016, to talk about “the migrant crisis in Europe and 
the lessons that can be learned by Americans before the crisis 
reaches our shores”. Carlqvist has previously enjoyed positive 
coverage in Breitbart, which has referred to her as a “Swedish 
immigration critic”. 

Frank Gaffney 

Frank J. Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy 
(CSP), is a well-connected and influential figure in conservative 
American circles. During the 1 970s Gaffney worked as an aide to 
Richard Perle in the office of Senator Henry M. Jackson. In the 
1980s, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear 
Forces and Arms in the Reagan Administration. 

Gaffney alleged a Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy in the Obama 
administration. Today, he has a significant influence over Trump 
and many of his close advisors. 

Gaffney hosts a daily radio programme, Secure Freedom Radio, 
where he interviews prominent anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and 
far-right figures (including the infamous white nationalist Jared 
Taylor of American Renaissance). 

Gaffney has been interviewed by Raheem Kassam multiple times 
on Breitbart News Daily. Gaffney has also written 26 articles for 
Breitbart’s US site. 

Daniel Pipes 

Daniel Pipes is the founder and President of the Middle East 
Forum (MEF) and an influential “counter-jihad” leader. He was 
the first to conceive and popularise the idea of the Muslim “no- 
go” zones. 

The MEF established a legal defence fund for Geert Wilders in 2009. 
It publishes the Middle East Quarterly (MEQ) (2004-) journal. 

Raheem Kassam, who is a Shillman/Ginsburg Writing Fellow at 
Pipes’ Middle East Forum, interviewed Pipes on Breitbart News 
Daily in August 2016. Pipes has also written four articles for the 
outlet’s American wing. 

HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 25 

Breitbart Report 

Below the Line: 

The Comment Section 

Breitbart News Network has 
a dual function: as a far right 
“news” outlet and also as a 
popular online discussion 
board for those from the far- 
and extreme right. 

While Breitbart London has a much smaller reach than its 
American parent (Comscore listing under 700,000 unique 
monthly users in November 2016), it has been effective in 
creating a bubble for the European right, and Breitbart London 
articles frequently draw thousands of comments, many from 
dedicated users. 

Its hysterical, relentless association of Islam and immigration 
with social degradation ensures that the comment section (which 
is inadequately moderated) becomes a toxic sewer of race- 
baiting, Islamophobia, nativism, antisemitic conspiracy, and even 
- on occasion - calls to violence. 

“Alt-Right” Feedback Loop 

Leading American “alt-right” figure Richard Spencer told The 
Daily Beast in 2016 that Breitbart had “elective affinities with the 
alt-right and the alt-right has clearly influenced Breitbart... In this 
way, Breitbart has acted as a “gateway” to alt-right ideas and 

That Spencer - a man who believes that forcibly sterilising 
minorities is a viable route to a white ethnostate - could make 
such claims about a popular “conservative news” source is 
deeply troubling, but confirmed by the prevalence of alt-right 
figures in its comment sections. 

When they are not commenting on white nationalist sites such as 
Radix and Morgoth’s Review, popular “alt-right” figures including 
Colin Robertson (aka Millennial Woes), Julius Ebola and 
Adam TC Wallace can be found promulgating their chauvinist 
ideologies on Breitbart London. Robertson can even be seen 
attempting to recruit other Breitbart London commenters for his 
racist videos. 

From UKIP to Jobbik 

Breitbart London routinely publishes articles sympathetic to the 
European populist right, including UKIP, the Front National, in 
France, Geert Wilders’ PW in The Netherlands, and Alternative 
for Germany in Germany (AfD). 

Flowever the support of a vocal section of Breitbart’s readership 
lies in the very worst that European politics has to offer: the 
self-professed neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn in Greece, the fascist 
Jobbik in Hungary and the extreme-right (and now largely 
irrelevant) British National Party in the UK. The failure of 
Breitbart News Network to adequately condemn or moderate 
the cancerous ideologies thriving in its comment section allows 
them to spread and gain legitimacy. 

Alt Right 

Millennial Woes: Breitbart comments 

Milli mrul bV-ii + *\H ■ i -> 

I sun *1 KiuEubcthiFincI about cnl r . hkI o t [hint Would you 
lih# so- do a Goo^So Hangout about what da' 

If s*. pk*rtt email meal MlllPnnlalWots aLgmdii dot tom. Thanfci. 

Ek't d isve I lie lciVdui or lomEorH'fi ifclri ' nhi LC era*. 

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• V«*. everything ra Pme wrih She Lrlark* here in MnCdm Keep lelltrt) 


1 a v r heady 'Slikini i 

Colin Robertson 
(aka Millennial 

26 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 

Support for Extreme Right Parties 

Golden Dawn - Neo-Nazi Party in Greece 

^ yn ini ! : Y . * 'Id j’tfn loi ■+ "-.'jL' i 'll *' igu 

" add eventual wip*>g out lh*-.r race 1 

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Jobbik - Neo-Nazi party in Hungary 

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David Duke - former KKK Imperial Wizard 

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BNP - British Far-Right Party 

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HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 27 

Breitbart Report 

Unpacking Sweden 

How Breitbart has 
spun Sweden 

In mid-February, US President Donald Trump sparked an 
international outrage over comments about the threat of Islamist 
extremism in Sweden. He initially claimed that there had been a 
terrorist attack but when that proved false his aides pointed to 
immigrant violence and no-go areas. 

Right wing outlets like Breitbart jumped to his defence, 
highlighting a litany of rapes, riots and no-go areas. 

So the story goes, the once-idyllic Scandinavian utopia has 
been “brought to its knees” by an influx of illiterate criminal 
sexual predators from the Middle East. The truth is that since 
the arrival of large numbers of refugees there has been a wave 
of violence and terrorist attacks across Sweden: however, you 
won’t have read about them in Breitbart. Since 201 5 there have 
been a number of attacks on refugee centres, housing and 
migrants themselves. In January 2017 three suspected neo- 
Nazis were arrested following a homemade bomb attack on 
a Gothenburg Asylum Centre. 

While ignoring the attacks on migrants, Breitbart London has 
claimed Sweden’s immigration policies have led the country 
into a crisis, with one recent survey article (of their own stories) 
detailing Ten Reasons Sweden’s ‘Multicultural Utopia’ is 
Massively Failing’. It is difficult to assess every such claim: in 
the last year alone Breitbart London has published 21 0 articles 
on Sweden or the Swedish. However, as most of the ‘reasons’ 
offered in the survey address ongoing claims, HOPE not hate 
has used these as a starting point to set the facts straight about 
the country. 

Breitbart London has also provided little coverage of crimes 
against migrants committed by Swedish nationals, such as 
housing centre arsons detailed by Sweden’s National Police 
Operations Department to SVT Nyheter, and anti-migrant street 
violence, as detailed by Aftonbladet. 

The article “Ten Reasons Sweden’s 
‘Multicultural Utopia’ is Massively Failing” 
has been shared on social media over 
15,100 times and been commented on 
over 1500 times. 

28 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 


Let’s deal with various claims made in Breitbart London’s ‘Ten 
Reasons Sweden’s ‘Multicultural Utopia’ is Massively Failing’. 

1 . “There are at least 55 real no-go zones” 

Breitbart has tried to perpetuate the idea that there are areas 
in Sweden where police have little control due to migrant and 
Muslim crime. 


■ Socioeconomic vulnerability, not one’s national origin, was 
shown to be a greater predictor of criminal activity by the 
Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention in 2005 

■ A 2015 Swedish police report stated that there were only 
15 areas that were particularly vulnerable to serious crime and 
socioeconomic problems 

■ The police do not lack control in policing these areas, but rather 
in solving socioeconomic issues themselves. As the 2015 report 
states: “Many of the risk factors are beyond the control of the 
police, such as the state of the welfare system, unemployment, 
ethnic segregation, stigmatization or crowded housing”. 

2. “Multiple hand grenade attacks in Swedish no-go zones” 

According to Swedish police, the number of grenade attacks in 
Sweden in the past three years are as follows: 2014 (8), 2015 
(48), 2016 (52). 

Flowever, Breitbart London: 

■ Frequently conflates wider violent crime with grenade attacks, 
and given that what is recorded as a shooting in Sweden is 
broad, this means other crime statistics can be misattributed to 
‘grenade attacks’ 

■ Grenade attacks by migrants within high migrant-populated 
areas have predominantly been carried out by organised gangs 
whose members emigrated to Sweden prior to the recent 
migration crisis. As Emil Karlsson, for Debunking Denialism, has 
argued, it is mistaken therefore to imply recent migrants have 
brought, en masse, lawlessness to areas. 

3. “Police are quitting their jobs in huge numbers” 

The article states “an estimated 80% of police are considering 
another career because of the violence and the government not 
letting them properly do their jobs due to political correctness”. 

HOPE not hate | Breitbart report | 29 

Breitbart Report 

Unpacking Sweden (continued) 

The figure, from an uncited 2015 Swedish Police Union 
members poll, states “eight out of ten police officers [said] that 
they [had] considered resigning”. 


■ The poll stated the reasons were as follows: 61% wages; 41% 
restructuring; 24% bad opportunities for career advancement; 

8% due to hate and violence; 27% Other reasons; 17% No. 

■ It is unclear how representative these figures are of Sweden’s 
police at present and across the country. 

4. “Most serious crime is committed by migrants” 

The Swedish government no longer collects data on criminals’ 
national origins, therefore making such a claim unprovable. 

■ Due to the lack of specific statistics it is worth looking at 
Europe more generally on this issue. According to Luca Nunziata, 
an economist from the University of Padua, during the 2000s 

in Europe “an increase in immigration did not affect crime 
[...], but it is associated with an increase in the fear of crime, 
the latter being consistently and positively correlated with the 
natives’ unfavourable attitude toward immigrants” 

■ A 2017 government report on crime in Sweden between 
2005-2015 has shown that almost all crime has decreased or is 

■ The evidence Breitbart relies upon in its survey article 
is a generalisation made by one officer in the city of 
Orebro, extrapolated out to make it seem like fact and based 
across the entire nation. 

5. “Migrants raping underage migrants in asylum homes” 

There have been cases of migrants raping underage migrants 
in Swedish asylum homes, though this would not warrant the 
absolute claim about the risks migrants inherently pose to all 
other migrants (which Breitbart London appears to imply). 

6. “Migrants raping Swedes” 

Breitbart London has perpetuated the idea that many recent 
migrants to Sweden have been raping Swedish citizens. 


■ A 2017 Swedish government report has shown “sex crimes 
(including rape) [are] either decreasing or roughly constant as 
measured by crime victim surveys” 

■ A 2017 government statement pointed out that Sweden’s 
legal definition of rape has broadened over time. Relatedly, 
the precision in how incidents of rape are recorded makes 
comparisons to other states’ figures misleading. Furthermore, 
Sweden has made a conscious effort to encourage the reporting 

of offences. Given how recent these changes are, any recent 
fluctuation despite long-term decline or constancy will definitely 
reflect these factors 

■ An article in the British Journal of Criminology published in 
2013 showed that, across 63,000 Swedish residents, 75% of the 
(in this case slightly higher -though note again the possibility 
for fluctuation from year-to-year) difference in foreign-born 
crime is accounted for by economic conditions. 

7. “Swedish authorities and media covering up statistics” 

Breitbart often relies on sparse, insufficient ‘evidence’ to make 
general claims. In this case, it relies on: 

■ A claim about a censored ‘migrant riot’ in Sweden, but its 
source, a local paper called Barometern, does not state that it 
was caused by migrants 

■ A claim that academics have been obscuring statistics on 
migrant crime and preventing access to their sources, though 
they rely on one academic source in the Norwegian tabloid 
newspaper Dagbladetto support this claim 

■ A claim that the most recent government statistics which 
detailed national origin are from 2001. This is false, it is 2005. 

No further national origin data has been collected by Sweden 
because, as noted above, socioeconomic factors have been 
shown to be a better underlying explanation of the causes of 
crime than national origin 

■ A claim that explanations by the police for rises in migrant 
crime which relate to cultural differences of migrants are 
‘bizarre’. The influence of socioeconomic factors is more crucial 
to explanations for migrant crimes, though this doesn’t support 
Breitbart’s suspicions since, again, levels of migrant crime are 
not clear-cut in the first place. 

8. “Swedish school scores are suffering because of migrants” 

■ A 2015 OECD report showed that recent immigration had only 
had a limited impact on Swedish school scores. However, it is 
true that the gap between immigrants and native-born students 
is a challenge. 

9. “The majority of Sweden’s unemployed are foreigners” 

This claim is undermined by a number of factors which can be 
surmised from the very source of Breitbart London’s claims: 

■ An unspecified definition of unemployment (which can also 
include or not include underemployment, for example) in a cited 
Bloomberg chart 

■ Bloomberg’s own admission that there are barriers to 
employment for migrants, which questions whether the 
fault lies with migrants actions or actions of the Swedish 

30 | Breitbart report | HOPE not hate 

Breitbart Report 

Meeting the Breitbart threat 

H OPE not hate is meeting the threat from 
Breitbart London head on. We have just 
launched a new investigative unit to challenge 
the lies, ideas and narrative of the growing threat posed 
by Breitbart and from a burgeoning array of radical- and 
populist-right parties and social media outlets. 

We will investigate those who pollute communities, 
poison the airwaves and choke social media with their 
rhetoric. We have to drag out those lies into full view and, 
by doing so, show them for the falsehoods they are. 

The issue 

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to forensically 
analyse the so-called populist- and radical-right and 
their modus operandi. 

Across Europe and the USA, highly divisive political 
movements and leaders have arisen on a wave of 
populist discontent. 

Many of these movements and their supporting 
structures are rebranding old hatreds and conspiracies 
under new flags of convenience: the so-called “Alt- 
Right” for example, a turgid mix of younger white 
nationalists, supremacists and antisemites proficient 
with digital media. 

But more importantly, these right-wing forces threaten 
the very pillars of our liberal democracy in Europe - 
equality, tolerance, human rights, humanitarianism and 

‘Fake News’ 

A key element of many of these radical- and populist- 
right movements is the promotion of Take news’, partially 
or wholly made up stories which bypass mainstream 
media and Breitbart have become masters in this. 

But as this report highlights, these falsehoods and 
exaggerations are being made quite consciously for 
political purposes. 

Unfortunately, a lack of background knowledge and 
facts is allowing these right-wing commentators to go 
increasingly unchallenged in the mainstream media. 

But all this is about to change. 

Our response 

HOPE not hate is taking on the Breitbart operation. We 
will no longer allow its lies to go unchallenged. We will 
monitor and expose the wider political agenda of those 
behind Breitbart and we will counter the new political 

party that is about to be launched by Arron Banks and 
Nigel Farage on the airwaves and in local communities 
all over the country. 

Our interdisciplinary team will be made up of seasoned 
journalists, researchers, digital specialists and political 
campaigners. We will be able to respond in real time to 
fake news and distortions. We will correct the errors, 
source the facts and provide copy for people to use. 

Like those behind and affiliated to Breitbart, we will use 
the most modern political targeting tools to deliver our 
messages into homes around Britain. 

Our unit will use the very latest in data- capture software 
to monitor right-wing websites and social media 
accounts. We will research the claims made and provide 
sourced rebuttals if required. With an in-house digital 
team, we will rapidly provide shareable social media 
memes and videos. 

Quite simply, this unit will be the most sophisticated 
and tech- savvy rebuttal unit in the UK today. 

But our work will not stop there. We will also build 
on our long experience of community and political 
campaigning to challenge the politics of hate in our 
communities. This will include utilising social media 
in a more sophisticated and targeted way than we have 
done before. 

We will also seek to work with others in order to 
maximise our respective strengths. 

‘Global threat’ 

Breitbart is part of a wider right-wing political project 
and we can be sure that both the website and the 
other tools at the disposal of billionaire backer Robert 
Mercer and Steve Bannon will be heavily involved 
in promoting and supporting Nigel Farage’s new 
political adventure. 

With the stakes so high, it is imperative we increase 
our capacity to expose and challenge the narrative of 
this new threat and like our opponents we also need to 
organise internationally. 

Please support our efforts. 

Nick Lowles 

HOPE not hate 

HOPE not hate 

Breitbart report | 31 

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